How You Can Help

Every donation goes to building a home for a family. As the family pays off the mortgage, that money is used to build another home for another family, and so on! This means your donation can help build an infinite number of houses for low income families. Help us change the cycle of poverty, to a cycle of homeownership!

Habitat homes are funded through profits from the ReStore, from mortgage payments on existing Habitat homes, and from individuals and community partners like you. The return on investment of a Habitat home is far reaching, your donation will continue to benefit our community for years to come.

100% of every dollar donated to Habitat Sault Ste. Marie goes into our home-build program! 

Donate Online or In Person

Please donate online by clicking the button below or come visit our location at 32 White Oak Dr E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 4J8, Canada

Samuel donated over $300 of his birthday money and savings to help build homes!

Samuel donated over $300 of his birthday money and savings to help build homes!

ReUse ReCycle ReStore

Want to try a DIY project? Need supplies for your home reno? Come Shop at the ReStore where you can get what you need and help families in our community! You can also help by donating your gently used items to the ReStore.

Become a Community Builder

Help us strengthen our community by sponsoring our builds and giving a needy family a safe, decent place to build their future. Becoming a major sponsor allows us to make a foundational difference in our community. For information on our Community Builder sponsorship program, please contact Joe Mackenzie at or by phone at (705) 942-7443 ext. 233.

Celebration Gifts

As you plan gifts for family and friends this year, consider a celebration gift that keeps on giving long after the wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, special event or memorial. Make a donation in someone’s name and we will provide you with a token to commemorate the gift.